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Francois LEGRAND - Artiste Plasticien

Né le 28 Septembre 1964 à CHATEAUDUN

Formation: 1983 École Brassart, Dessin en publicité, Tours

It all began through an encounter with the Alpine environment and wilderness, a wilderness still preserved in the National Park of Ecrins (in France), where I worked a wildlife illustrator in the late 80s. That's when I started with this approach of observing living creatures: sensitivity in the

gaze combined with rigour in the sketch. This was the starting point of my current artwork, characterised as 'hyperrealism 3D'.

Through my travels, I became more sharply aware of a trend I was already tuned to the extinction of species. The great 'symbolique' endangered mammals are at the heart of my photographic

work. Behind this work lies a conviction, or perhaps a utopia, that by giving these species another form of existence - through artwork and graphic representation - we can slow down the pace

of their disappearance.

In my collection of life-size paintings 'The Illustrious Animal', I use oils, ochre and clay. The

paintings portray the vitality and power of wild animals, their incredible presence, but also

their immense vulnerability...

This collection is an invitation to enter 'wilderness' and engage in dialogue with it, and to reconnect with the wild side we all have within us...

French version...

ATELIER   (Visite sur RDV - Appointments only)

44, av. Charles de Gaulle 05120 L'Argentière-La-Bessèe FRANCE  Tel: 04 92 23 07 53 / 06 75 74 23 32   Email:

François LEGRAND

Artiste Plasticien


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